Hello, I’m Ryan Longair. I am a member of the Technical Infrastructure department at Google. I focus on solving problems related to resource management and capacity planning in collaboration with some brilliant folks located elsewhere in the US and UK. I work primarily in Python and Google-proprietary technologies.


Prior to Google I was in the games industry, working for Relic Entertainment. As a member of the Tools team for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, I was responsible for the build pipeline and maintained a number of in-house tools written primarily in C++ and C#.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University.  During my undergraduate, I focused on artificial intelligence and distributed systems.  I completed many Co-op terms at Electronic Arts and Microsoft, and worked on many interesting projects.  Noteworthy accomplishments from these work terms include developing the framework for the “Tank Wars” AI competition, shipping AI code for the goalkeeper and momentum system in UEFA Euro 2008, and prototyping social networking features for Windows Phone 7.

I have a strong passion for gaming and this consumes much of my free time.  However, I also enjoy cooking and used to regularly post about my creations on my old site.  I also play recreational soccer through Arena Sports.

In 2009, I fulfilled an outstanding dream and took a three-week trip to Japan.  It was amazing, and I would go back in a heartbeat.  I’d need to improve upon my mediocre language skills, however.