Last night, I tried the potato salad recipe out of my cookbook. I made up the vinaigrette; the vinegar taste was a bit stronger than I expected but I figured it would work out in the end. The ingredients in the potato salad seemed pretty straightforward: Red potato, onion, the vinaigrette, with a number of optional things that could be added as well. I added some chopped celery. The last ingredient, and the one that seemed to wreck the flavour, was the parsley. I’ve never seen parsley used as anything other than a garnish, but this one wanted a half cup of minced fresh parsley leaves.

I don’t know what went wrong. Maybe I got a little too much stem in with the leaves. Maybe I didn’t mince finely enough. As someone who hasn’t minced before, a herb like parsley is difficult to work with. From experience dealing with brown sugar, I packed the parsley into the measuring cup until it was quite full at half a cup. When I stopped packing it in, the cup was a little over full. In any case, when I mixed everything together, the parsley overwhelmed the other ingredients and it was quite foul tasting.

When discussing this on IRC, Peter linked me to a recipe off the Food Network he normally makes, then cursed me for making him have a craving for potato salad. Mom tried some when she got home, and observed the potatoes were breaking apart. She suggested, for next time: Less vinegar, more potatoes, cook the potatoes whole before slicing them, try cilantro instead of parsley (and less of it), more celery, maybe add bacon.

Worth a try, I guess. But not right away, there are other things on my “to-cook” list. In any case, we had romaine in the fridge so I was able to make a quick Caesar up to go with the burgers instead.