Potato salad didn’t work so well last week, in no small part because I used too much parsley.  Sunday night (yeah, I’m five days late in posting this), I made some chicken quasedillas, based on a recipe in the ever-useful new cookbook.  The recipe called for grated cheese, scallion, green chilis, and salsa.  I ditched the chilis, added red onion and peppers (red and yellow).  The Old Dutch southwest salsa has a nice kick to it, there’s corn, black bean, more onion, and jalapeno in there without setting my mouth on fire.  The salsa went inside, not just on the side.


The book recipe had no chicken, but because I was making a meal out of it, I wanted to add protein.  When I was picking up the tortilla shells, I noticed a pack of “Chicken Taco” seasoning.  I thought it might be interesting to use that instead of the normal barbecue seasoning, so I picked it up.  And it really worked well.  Lately we’ve been using Cattle Boyz barbecue sauce, it’s different and absolutely delicious.  The new seasoning improved the flavours even more!  One downside, because it was in a pouch, not a shaker, it was difficult to evenly distribute on the chicken.


After heating a skillet and putting some oil in, quasedilla construction began in the skillet.  I did them one at a time, a few minutes per side, and as they finished I put them in the oven to keep them warm while I worked on the rest.  Top left, you can see the first one made, which didn’t brown enough, but was still delicious.


Once everything was said and done, I sliced them into quarters using a pizza cutter, and served them up.  Mom had salsa and Helluva Good dip, I ate them without any additional sides.  Mom’s the quasedilla fan in the house, and she said they were better than any restaurant quasedilla she’s ever had!  They really were delicious, quite possibly the best thing I’ve made yet out of the book.