This post is only a month overdue!  Oh well.  Way back in September, I was still cooking a bunch of new stuff up, and the latest thing worth posting about was this shrimp jambalaya I made.  So here it is!  I started with red and yellow peppers and white onion.


To this I added tomatoes, basmati rice, cayenne pepper, thyme, and garlic.  I cannot emphasize strongly enough, use a white rice for this recipe, dark rice just doesn’t work.


The vegetables went in first with some oil, then the rice and seasonings, let me tell you there were some real nice sizzles and aromas going on as this got going.


Soon I added stock and let it simmer away and reduce for about half an hour.  After that I added the shrimp (the recipe calls for small pieces, so jumbo shrimp would need to be sliced up), let it sit for a few minutes to cook the shrimp, and served.


As it turns out, I don’t like shrimp.  Still, Mom absolutely loved it.  The vegetables were good, but as I said, for this kind of dish you really need white rice.  Dark rice simply doesn’t take in the flavours the same way.  Next time I think I will try the meat-based variant in my book.