Back in May, I posted about some awesome chicken quasedillas I made.  I’ve made them a few times between then and now, and I’ve improved things a bit.  First, I added cayenne pepper, blending it in with the cheese.  A year ago, who would have thought I’d be adding more heat to a recipe?  I guess I’m over my dislike of spicy food.

The bigger improvement is in my cooking technique.  With all the stuff I put in these things, it frankly just doesn’t work well to go with the sandwich approach of layering tortilla shell, filling, second tortilla shell.  Observe the less-falling-out-itude while in the pan:


Accordingly, doesn’t it look much nicer on a plate when the filling is inside the quasedilla instead of falling out?  There is still the issue, however, of simply having too much stuff in them.  The filling sometimes comes out when slicing, but maybe I just need larger shells for that.  Or less filling.  But that would decrease the level of awesome.  A big part of why these are so awesome is that there’s so much good stuff jammed into them.