Well. Today was my last day in Osaka. Tomorrow morning I’m shipping out for Nagoya. Today is also the midpoint of my trip. Not really sure what to do, I wandered back to Den Den Town for more wandering. I ended up buying manga for Angelina, unsuccessfully looking for Megaman figures, and that’s about it. In my wanderings I saw an arcade game wherein you shoot targets with a lightgun to play music. The demo was playing the Evangelion opening. That took me back, as it’s one of the anime I watched in high school.

After recognizing the song, I suddenly started to notice all the Evangelion merchandise around me, figures of the female leads and model kits of the mecha. The only franchise with more model kits I recognized was Gundam, by a significant margin. I should start watching Gundam again, I always liked it. Not much else to report, really. I should start putting my stuff together to leave for Nagoya tomorrow, check out is at 10 AM.