Today was a down and up kind of day. I went to Harajuku, specifically to Yoyogi Park, looking for cosplayers and oddly dressed people, as recommended by various sources. I had a slight Google Maps mixup and was confused into thinking the Meiji Shrine grounds were the same park, turns out they’re separate but adjacent entities. Regardless, I found only a very few people dressed up, on one of the shopping streets. In Yoyogi, though, I slipped on some mud and landed on my right side. Ouch. The skin broke on basically the tip of my wrist, no blood, and my vest and jeans got muddy, otherwise fine, I walked it off. I will be doing laundry tomorrow night instead of Tuesday, though. From further research tonight, it looks like I should have gone to Akihabara for cosplayers. Oh well.

I had lunch, a sandwich at a coffee shop, then picked up a Harajuku crepe. They’re large, thin, light crepes stuffed with all kinds of dessert-y toppings like fruit, chocolate, caramel, ice cream, even cheesecake! Mine just had chocolate sauce, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. So good!

Off to the Final Fantasy Tactics concert. I got there at 2:00 and there was already a sizeable crowd. Around 2:30 we started going in and the concert itself started at 3:10, a little late. It was very well done, it felt quite professional. I have been inspired to replay the game and actually finish it this time. Donations were taken on the way out, unfortunately the only bill below Y10,000 I had was a single Y1,000. I wanted to give more than that but not as much as Y10,000. I should have kept a better eye on my small bills. Oh well.

Tomorrow I think I will go to Akihabara! I’m under budget, so maybe I can catch up by buying geeky things. Or, I could bring unspent money back. That works too.