I know, I know, I haven’t been posting. I’ve been busy with work and just not motivated to cook anything interesting. Also, given my position as an employee at Relic, it’s not exactly kosher for me to talk about video game ideas any more. Not like I posted much before So, the blog’s going to be focused entirely on cooking now, articles online that warrant more than a Facebook link and quick comment for me to dissect, and critiques of games I’ve been playing. For example, the latest privacy changes to Facebook and why my account is stripped of almost all information, and my disappointment with Final Fantasy XIII, especially the latter part.

For the meat of the post, though – I am moving out in June, into a pretty decent new-ish apartment in New Westminster, near the Skytrain. I’m going to need to buy my own pots and pans, and kitchen knives, and could use some recommendations. A good friend’s former boss at EA is a trained chef and once upon a time, recommended All-Clad pots and pans, and GLOBAL knives. I’d like to hear more suggestions on what other people use, or the brands they’ve tried and didn’t have success with. I’m by no means a trained chef; I’m decidedly an amateur who wants to become a better cook and make delicious, eye-catching food.

To that extent, I should really research the different materials that go into modern cooking equipment. Why is copper so good? Why stainless or aluminium? What about ceramics for ovenware? There’s too much I don’t know right now.

Anyway, input desired.