It’s been just about a week since moving into my new apartment, and tonight I made something new, one of my favourites from Japan – Donburi! Donburi is a delicious bowl of meat and vegetables served over rice, often with an egg topping. I used beef in mine, which makes it ????? (gyuudon, literally “beef bowl”). I followed this recipe because it was one of the simpler ones and I wanted to get the basics down before trying something more complicated. I used green beans as my vegetable, which I will admit I don’t remember having on a don before, but it was pretty delicious. I also seasoned the meat with salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne to give it a bit of extra kick. I guess I’ve grown to like a bit of spice in my food. I considered adding garlic powder with the scallion, but it didn’t feel right. Maybe I should have used some onion powder, or used more onion, as that flavour didn’t come across as well.

The beef was a little tough, I will need to cook it a little less or tenderize it for next time. I’ll also need to get larger bowls for proper presentation. All in all, it was delicious and I am quite happy with it. It’s just my nature to nitpick.

I haven’t found my camera yet. It’s in a box somewhere, I’m just not sure which one. Until then, cell phone pictures. I’m strongly considering making katsu kare in the next couple weeks. Cooking with Dog‘s video looks pretty straightforward.