Annual reviews at Relic were last week, and, I am no longer an Associate Programmer III. I’ve been promoted to Programmer I, woo! This is awesome on two levels. First, it’s a silent I-told-you-so to the companies that wouldn’t even give me the time of day when I was looking for work in 2009. One company flat-out told me they don’t hire juniors, period. I think that’s a terrible HR decision, but that’s for another post, and I don’t want to sound too vain.

The second is for the major confidence booster. For the past 17 months, the vast majority of the code I’ve written is build server code in C#, then tools in an assortment of languages, and a very little bit of C++ game code. I’ve been worried that when I finish on Space Marine and move into a role more directly involved in game code, my C++ skills will be too rusty, and I’ll take too long to ramp up to a new role and a language I haven’t seriously used in a long time. On the other hand, I’d only touched C# in a single class in university before diving into our heavily distributed build farm, and I picked it up just fine. I’m surely making mountains out of molehills, as usual. The specific language is a minor part of being a good programmer, after all.

Anyway, promotions, woo! An additional woo is reserved for when I finally get over my self-doubt issues.

Random other stuff:

  • The lack of posts on here has been due to the combined factors of not wanting to simply repost everything we officially post about Space Marine (and seeming like a drone in the process) and not having anything meaningful to post about.
  • I am totally going to buy an Emissary later this year once Space Marine is done and we move to something bigger.