At Christmas, I received a copy of How to Cook Everything.  I hadn’t cooked anything new lately, and had been itching to try something out of the book, so I settled on a recipe for stir-fry with veggies and meat.  It was delicious.  For the noodles, I couldn’t decipher some of the packaging so I asked Ken at our local independent grocer for some help.  He directed me to some instant egg noodles.  (I think they were egg noodles anyway, the first ingredient was flour and the third was egg, I could be wrong.  They’re either egg or wheat, which is what the recipe called for).  He also sells A&W floats, Jones soda, and Pocky.  Perfect geeky convenience!

For veggies, I used onion, red pepper, broccoli, and asparagus.  Look at them frying away!


For meat, there was a steak sitting in the freezer.  I defrosted it, sliced it thin before it was fully defrosted, and let it soak in some soy sauce.  Once the veggies were done, into the skillet with the soy sauce and some stock.


Ginger and garlic were used for seasoning, and once everything heated up in the end, there was much delicious awesomeness to be had.


I’d like to cook something new each week, at the very least until I find a job.


This week in cooking!

I wasn’t really sure what to make on Tuesday, I’ve been having a lot of the usual and I wanted to try something new.  Looking through the low-cholesterol cookbook I brought down with me, a few options caught my eye.  I decided to go with the potato and onion soup, it sounded potentially yummy.  It’s more or less 5 onions, 8 potatoes, 1L of beef stock, some milk, some garlic, and a little pepper.

Onions and garlic went in first  The potatoes came later

I forgot the pepper, but I don’t think it would have made that much of a difference.  I used skim milk, and the starchiness of the potatoes was just plain overpowering.  It was bland and not tasty at all.  Curtis chastised me for using skim milk, but it’s a low cholesterol cookbook!  I’m trying to eat healthy!  Besides, it looked good.. maybe if I had a potato brush, I could have used the potato peels as a source of flavour instead of discarding them, but I didn’t feel confident in my ability to clean them by hand.

Potato and onion soup It looks better than it tasted

I tried it again Wednesday night, but I couldn’t finish it.  A friend online suggested I try spicing it up by adding something with a stronger flavour, perhaps cheddar, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet.  I wanted to make something I knew would be yummy after this mess.

Something like… PIEROGIES! I set out in the drizzle to go hunting for pierogies at the local Fred Meyer.  It took a while to find them, the first employee I asked for help had never even heard of them (his loss), and the woman who eventually helped me find them worked at a different location normally and looked in the wrong aisle with me.  We ended up traversing most of the freezer aisles before we found some.  I got two boxes (they were small), one potato and onion, the other potato and cheddar.  Then there was bacon and onion to be had to go with them, and I returned home to cook.

Pierogies boiling away Sizzling bacon

Since my non-stick frying pan was too small, I greased up the larger, sticky pan and hoped for the best.  No problems while the pierogies were boiling and the bacon and onion were frying, but trouble came when I added the pierogies to the pan to crisp them up.  Namely, everything started to stick.  In a greased pan.  Sigh.  The grease must have burned off by then or something.  Ultimately everything turned out delicious, but I was saddened by the distinct lack of crispiness in the finished product.

Note the decidedly not-fried state of the pierogies.  Still, deliciousness in the end!

Tomorrow I hope to have success with thanksgiving dinner.  I’m on my own, and Mom said we’ll likely do a proper one when I get home in November, but I still want turkey.  Besides, who can complain about an extra turkey dinner?  Mind you, since I don’t have a recipe for stuffing and I’m still not over my failure with the potato and onion soup, it’s a mostly-boxed procedure.  Still, better than buying it all pre-made!

Tomorrow's hopefully successful dinner

Seriously, why does my apartment have a frying pan that’s not non-stick?  Come on…

Mithril Chef

Last night, I made a big dinner for Mom for her 50th birthday, which is today. The menu was to include:

  • Chicken Souvlakia
  • Greek Salad
  • Wild Rice
  • Roast Potatoes
  • French Onion Soup, as an appetizer
  • Biscuits

Things took longer than I thought they would though. I started at 3 PM, planning for the last of the food to hit the table at 6:20 PM, but the last item didn’t get on the table until 6:50 PM. And the Greek Salad never got done. Making a huge dinner for 8 people takes a lot longer than I thought it would, I should have started closer to 1 PM. I didn’t take any breaks, after all. Ah well, everything was great, I was told.

And then about 20 people came over, all surprising Mom, and we had a big party for her. Not enough chairs in the house. I’m worn out.

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